My Snowy had been missing for 3 days and never stayed away this long! We live in a nice neighborhood with a very large thick wooded area that is impassable by humans. The Sticker bushes are so thick and over grown and there is a stream that runs thru the middle of it. Dogs Finding Dogs came out to try to locate Snowy. We used some of Snowy’s hair to scent up their tracking dog Heidi. Heidi took us across a few yards and then into a thick area of sticker bushes in the back on my neighbors yards. We could not get thru it so we took Heidi around it back to the closest spot where we left off. She traced Snowy’s footsteps down to another street and then along the edge of this wooded area that was full of stickers. As we were following Heidi I was saying Snowy never would go this far! or would he? Just as we got to the edge of the large wooded sticker bush area we heard Snowy crying or I should say screaming! I called Snowy’s name and he answered me 4 times. Great we found him. Dogs Finding Dogs was right! But now how in the world do we get to him? We tried everything to get into the midst of this horrible mess! It was impossible! My husband and my son came down and started to chop thru all the overgrowth and stomp around….and low and behold Snowy was finally back to us that very same night! He was fine and thinking about where he went….well it is a great place to catch all kinds of mice and rabbits. Now we know where to look if he ever does not return back home again.