I was pet sitting Snufkin, a crazy little Bengal kitty, for a friend who was away on a trip for a few weeks. One night, while I was out, Snufkin popped a huge screen out of a second story window and jumped. I live in a heavily wooded area, and was beside myself looking for the cat for several days with no sightings whatsoever. The day before my appointment with Anne, she gave me some tips on leaving scent trails, which I believe drew him out and gave us our first solid sighting. When Anne and Heidi arrived, we went to the house where he had been seen. As I went inside to talk to the neighbor who saw Snufkin, there was a commotion outside – Heidi had seen a cat coming out of the woods next door and gotten it corralled into a garage! I went inside, and sure enough, there was Snufkin. He is now once again safe in my apartment. As long as we can keep this little Houdini inside for two more weeks we’ll be all set!!! I am so far beyond relieved that I will have an adventurous story to tell my friend upon his return instead of a tragic one. Thank you SO much, Anne & Heidi!!!