We had three cats. Salt, Pepper, and Spice. In late November, we went to work as usual and somehow the back door was unlocked and then blew open.

When we returned, our darling Spice was gone. For days we looked putting up signs, visiting animal control, etc. On the third night we saw a black cat that might have been her in our yard, but she ran away from us. The next day we brought in Dogs Finding Dogs. Christine with her dog, Keelah, confirmed that the black cat we had seen was Spice.  First she picked up her scent from Spice’s bedding and then, sniffing around until she came up with the trail. Keelah retraced the exact path that we had seen this black cat travel the night before!

This was so exciting and although we didn’t actually see her that day, we knew without a doubt that it was our little Spice! With our hopes sky high now and our minds relieved that Spice was okay and close by, we set a “hav-a-heart” trap that night and baited it with canned salmon. Early the next morning, Salt woke us up, and we went to the door to see what was going on outside. There was Spice in the trap!  She was scared, hungry, and SO HAPPY TO COME HOME!

Thanks to Dogs Finding Dogs, Keelah, and Christine for finding her whereabouts, helping us stay the course, learn about traps, and about what to do next. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks again to Dogs Finding Dogs for the wonderful and professional service they provide!

Annapolis, MD