I had almost given up hope that our cat Sylvester would come home after being gone for three weeks. I had Dogs Finding Dogs come out as the last resort to find our little guy but was not expecting much. Janel, Anne and Lee the tracking dog came right out and started the search. They explained that even though Sylvester had not returned home it did not mean that he was not in the area. While we were out tracking we told everyone that we were looking for a black cat. Some of my neighbors that we talked to said that they had seen a new black cat hanging out around the area over the past few weeks. Lee showed us a few areas that Sylvester was hanging out in and with in a few days we had caught him! Lee is an amazing tracking dog and both Janel and Anne are so full of information it is wonderful to know they are helping you look for your lost pet.

– Brandon in Crofton, MD