I just HAD to let you know since you were so kind to spend hours discussing my lost dog and worried with me about her… On Friday morning at six,Tasha (our mini schnauzer) came home! I heard a weird howling/bark as she ran home.  Our windows were open and it was the first morning that it wasn’t pouring down rain in a long while.  She ended up at our front door. She looked good, a bit shaggy, but had her collar on without tags.  We think somebody had her and she made her great escape to come home to us after six weeks!  it is truly a miracle to have her back, and we are sooooooo happy. I wish she could speak! Oh, the stories she would tell!!! I would love to know how many days she was on her own, if at all. Or even how much of the time she was with somebody.  I can’t believe somebody would just take her. Take care and thanks so very much again for all the help and caring.