Even the most experienced person can lose their beloved fur-baby!

Teddy fell off of the back deck. He is a huge, black, long-haired cat with a crinkled ear from a hematoma.

First, we did a deck to deck search with flashlights.  We will be taking K9 Gretel out to look for him in the morning.  Based on those results, we will set up an appropriate action plan.

From Anne:

Teddy is home!  He was in the trap in the treeline this morning. Thank you to my Gretel for showing us where he was! and for my son’s smelly socks that are in the trap and all over the neighbors yards!

I want to thank ALL of my loving friends who offered support, drove the neighborhood and more! She wants to play and he is saying back off!  Here is a pic of him and his sister Cammy (she is so excited to see him)!

Now after I get thru tomorrow’s surgical procedure, we are home free! Yeah!!