It happens to all of us! Teddy belongs to Anne and lives with K9 Heidi. Thanksgiving morning Teddy fell off of the deck. By 2pm I noticed that he was not around. I searched the house top to bottom and no Teddy. Oh My Gosh – My baby is missing! Here I am laying scent trails off of the house with cat litter and food. Printing out the flyers and getting them onto the mailboxes. I was so frantic that it took my dear neighbor to tell me I had a S for Stupid on the front of my forehead. I forgot in all the panic that I had Heidi inside. I vested her up and out the door we went hunting for Teddy. Ahhhh!!!! Teddy was right next door under their deck….but he wouldn’t come to me….typical. I tried until 10:30pm. I put food out for him, a trap and decided to see if I could catch him over the nite. NOT!!!! In the morning I went back out and no Teddy. I took Heidi out again and we found Teddy about 10 houses away under another deck. This time I crawled under as far as I could, gave him food which he would not eat. I got to where I could just touch his nose. Then he started to snap out of it and came closer to my hand and WHALA!!! I was able to scruff the fur on the back of his neck and get him. Worse thing is, I wound up with cat food smeared all in my hair and clothes, I bumped my head and was stuck under the deck unable to move with a 25lb cat in 1 hand. I little creative wiggling and out we went back home with Teddy protesting all the way! I have been humbled.

– Anne and Heidi in Halethorpe, MD