Tegri’s tale starts in the beginning of June when she jumped across the stream from her dad who was kindly showing her the great outdoors. It took 114 days to catch her. Dogs Finding Dogs came to search for her and showed us that Tegri went up thru the forest to a person’s house. This is ultimately where she was caught. We have to assume that Tegri was not ready to come home. When we tried to track her we could find her scent  but she outsmarted us time and time again, and continued to hide in the woods. Traps were set in the “Golden Yard” identified from the beginning. Night vision cameras were set up. We got tons of pictures of Tegri, saw her almost every day. She would not come to us nor into any traditional trap. DFD suggested that we use a dog trap which is much larger. This is what finally worked. As I stood in the dark with a night scope watching Tegri go in and out of the trap three times to eat the food.  I held my breath. Then finally I said “God, do something!” and just then a big branch fell off of a tree in the woods! It scared Tegri to where she made her ultimate mistake and she jumped and landed on the trip plate. SHE WAS FINALLY CAUGHT. She was half her weight, but nothing else is wrong. If it had not been for DFD we would have given up long ago. But the use of their cameras, traps, tracking dog and continuous support was what helped us to remain hopeful and not give up.

– Piotr and Anya in Chevy Chase, MD