We just wanted to post this in hopes that others missing their pet might consider this, as it helped us find our pet who was lost on Christmas Eve. Our Tessie ran out the front door while we were visiting relatives Christmas Eve in an area unfamiliar to her, and it was the first time she had ever wandered outside. We posted on Craigslist as soon as she was lost and searched for her endlessly for two days. It was two days of crying, unrest, and worry wondering if we’d be able to find her before the end of the holidays and we’d have to go back home and back to work. A wonderful lady named Anne with Dogs Finding Dogs saw our posting on Craigslist and contacted us. She was very helpful in first giving us advice to locate Tessie over the phone. We decided to enlist the help of her and her tracking dog Heidi to find our pet. They came and tracked her scent, showing us the trail Tessie had wandered to. We are still amazed at how they were completely accurate showing us a few houses that were strong with her scent. She told us she’d be back as long as was necessary until we found our girl. That night as we continued calling out to her, we found Tessie hiding right in the yard Heidi had tracked her to. Anne and Heidi are our heroes right now, and thanks to them we have our Tessie back home. If it hadn’t been for their help, we’d still be wandering the whole neighborhood looking for Tessie. Thanks to them, they showed us that she was really only across the street in a well hidden spot. If you are missing your pet, please consider calling her. Anne and Heidi will have our gratitude forever for reuniting us with Tessie.

-Rockville, MD (December, 2008)