Thank God for Dogs Finding Dogs!!! My Kitty Didn’t Die on Christmas! Thomas is a miracle kitty who survived the harsh temperatures with a severe heart condition and blood pressure disorder. While at the cardiologists office in Annapolis, I decided to take Tommy outside and let him walk in the grass while on a harness. The harness failed and Tommy ran off. We could not find him and after about 3 weeks I gave up thinking he was dead without having his heart medication. I then found out about Dogs Finding Dogs and they sparked life back into my search for Tommy. They tracked and searched high and low. Having scent on the ground of Tommy meant he probably was still alive, however even his veterinarian was saying he maybe could live only a short while longer. Finally Tommy was caught in the traps! What a rejoicing party it was at Christmas and at the vet’s office to have Tommy back under their care. He is home now safe and sound. Christmas could NEVER have been better. Thank you so, so very much!

– Dan in Fairfax, VA