One of our two family cats, Tigger, escaped through a door which had blown open. I didn’t realize it until late that night, but fully expected to see him standing outside the door the next morning. We walked the neighborhood calling his name but to no avail. I advertised on Craigslist and the next morning we got a couple of phone calls and e-mails from “rescue” people giving advice on how to entice him back. One was from Anne Wills at Dogs Finding Dogs. She offered so much helpful advice on the phone and encouraged me not to give up. After nine days of searching, Anne and Heidi came all the way from Baltimore to Reston the next day. Heidi went to work immediately, and got a strong scent all around the area of woods between our townhouse and those just behind us. The next day, following Anne’s instructions, my daughter and son-in-law laid a food trail in three directions from our back gate and put down a baited humane trap borrowed from the Humane Society. My son-in-law was looking down from our upper deck a short time later and – lo and behold – Tigger was eating some of the food!  My daughter was able to approach him and bring him back inside!  We are forever grateful to Anne and Heidi. I would highly recommend Dogs Finding Dogs to anyone who has a missing pet. My only wish is that I had called them sooner, rather than suffering the miserable 10 days without my best friend.