Tigress is a purebred Chihuahua that got out through a hole in the back yard fence. Flyers were posted up but we went in the wrong direction. Heidi and Anne came out to track for Tigress and they went through a local neighborhood to a school yard where Tigress had been seen.  Then, she went into a apartment complex adjacent to the school property. It was at the end of the track that it showed that Tigress had been chased and then picked up. While standing at the endpoint in the parking lot, Heidi pulled Anne over aggressively to a parked truck and sniffed all under it, into the door frames and alerted that Tigress’s smell was there. Wow!  We identified a license plate. The apartment was staked out and sure enough Tigress was seen with a woman who ran inside when she saw she was being watched. We had signs up all over the place and even put them onto the truck. It was clear that this was going to be a fight to get Tigress back and we had to get the police involved. Finally,Tigress is on her way home! It is amazing what a trained search dog can do and when you see it, it is incredible!