Tippy got out of the yard when the carpenter forgot to close the gate. I called Dogs Finding Dogs and spoke to Anne. She came out with John and his K9 Maggie to track for Tippy. The track first lead to the water’s edge and then to the end of my street where Tippy was picked up. The guy who picked Tippy up drove him to Ocean City and gave him to his mother to keep. Me being a older person and not knowing all about computers asked Anne to help out. She put Tippy up on all of the websites and two days later I got a call from a person in Ocean City that saw the ad on Pet finder. He said I know this is your dog and come and get it from his neighbor before he moves the dog. So I did! We went to Ocean City and it was Tippy. We had the police and animal control come over and get the dog from them. Without all the hard work that Dogs Finding Dogs did I would have NEVER EVER gotten my Tippy back. Tippy is so happy now to be home. He ran around the yard rejoicing. This is purely a miracle made from God! Thank you so much for getting my little Tippy back home to me.