An update from Loretta and Tommy….

We want to share with you Loretta’s write up to us and the newest picture of little Tommy, her therapy dog, that went missing this week.

Tommy was found by our tracker Christine and K9 Keelah.

From Loretta:

Anne, Tommy was found only with the help of Christine and Keelah. There is no way he was coming out for us. I highly recommend this team. We walked by same spot so often. He was waiting for her to find him. He was so happy to see us. Again, he would have had an injury if y’all were not called quickly. I highly recommend your service and pray you can expand to other areas. It is a must! Also owners need to call you fast as your site says and find toys, hair anything with missing pets scent. You need help from owners to be successful. I am so glad my adult daughter Jennifer McKenzie called you the day before I found out about you. Christine and Keelah need to go on as many tracks as they can handle. They are brilliant. I am sure owners need to contact you ASAP, and not wait!