Congratulations to Tracy and Trixie for a safe return home.

Trixie went missing from her home in Baltimore on the 29th of Dec. She is a indoor kitty.  DFD went out to track for her on the 4th of Jan and found that she was really close by but could not get to all the places we wanted to check because of fences, yards and getting permissions.  So, we started a action plan to lead her back and pull her out of hiding. She is now home.

Here is what Tracy wrote to us:

I opened the back door to look at the plywood feeding station and to scan the area for her. I didn’t see her and started to walk back inside, I heard her meowing and ran back out. She came running up the steps and in the door.  The three of you saved her life, and maybe mine too, since I have been out at all hours of the night looking for her in some sketchy parts of this neighborhood!