Congratulations to Adam and Vader for a safe return home.

Special thanks to Clementine and K9 Scipio for their hard work on this case. We also thank Christine, one of our trackers, for going along with Clementine.

Vader is a kitty that does use a cat door to go out into the yard.

K9 Scipio found that Vader’s scent was still in his yard and in the neighbors’ yards as well. We could not get into all the yards to check under decks and sheds because we needed permission since gates were locked. However, we were certain that he still in the nearby area.

A action plan was put in place, and Vader was spotted up a tree.  We are trying to get him the courage to come down, and a tree company came out to help get him. YEAH!  We think that something probably scared him up there in the first place.  We’re so glad Vader go home safely.