On Sunday, all three of our beloved indoor house cats managed to escape. Curtis and Iggy were found the same day very close to home. Our third cat Vader never showed up. He waits in the window daily for us to get home and meows as we enter the house. He sleeps in our bed most nights and follows us around like a small child would. Without him home, our lives were miserable. My husband Jason contacted Anne at Dogs Finding Dogs. Anne and her beautiful, intelligent search dog, Heidi, came right over to help. Heidi’s nose alerted us several times to Vader’s whereabouts although we were not able to catch him. I’m pretty sure he was scared¬† and just wouldn’t come out. It was reassuring to know though that he was still in the neighborhood. Anne and Heidi came out several times and each time they picked up his scent nearby. Anne left us some traps to set and we put out wet cat food and waited and waited and waited. Finally, a happy ending to the story! Vader was found in a trap right in our own backyard. He was a little beaten up and had lost some weight but a vet visit, food and antibiotics and he is good to go!! Our family is ecstatic and we are deeply grateful to Anne and Heidi. Without their hard work, dedication and persistence, we might not have our baby Vader home!

– Jenn and Jason in MD