We would like to welcome Vasya home after his daring fall from the balcony. Vasya was on the balcony hunting for a bug one evening when he pounced just a little too far away and fell. Dogs Finding Dogs sent K9 Lee and Janel out twice to help find our lost insect hunter.

This is what his owners had to say, “We did it! We spotted our cat about 30 yards from home at about 10:30 pm, just by chance, on our way back from setting up the trap in the woods. We called him for a few minutes, and he approached and let us take him home. All legs, ears and tail are in the right place; he’s not even too skinny. After the initial stress of some cleaning he’s absolutely happy now.  He loves everything and everybody. Happy end. Thanks a lot for your help and advice!”

– Sergey and Rimma, Germantown, MD