Victoria and Dylan, a Havanese and a Pug, were let out of our yard by the lawn service early in the morning. They were spotted about half a block away, but only one time. We are surrounded by woods down here in Southern Maryland. We put up flyers thru the weekend and went door to door. Then, on Monday, we had Anne and Heidi come out. Then this story gets weird. While they were waiting for me to come home to meet, my neighbor with a broken rent-a-cop car was driving up and down the street at least five times, going in and out of his house. He stopped and stared at the van each time. Then a woman was doing the same thing from his house. No eye contact. This is a very quiet neighborhood during the day. We searched with the dog and it took us to the house with the sighting and then to the yard of the rent-a-cop car. We developed a plan to put the heat on and it worked. Within just one hour, these lovely people dumped one of my dogs at the Humane Society down the street.  They moved the other dog to a house in Mechanicsville. They were moving them right as we were there. Funny how the house in Mechanicsville knew who just to call when they were 25 minutes away. Long story short, the neighbors got scared and instead of just bringing the dogs home they decided to get them out of their possession. THANK YOU, DFD!  If it weren’t for you, whatever they were planning on doing with my babies might have happened.  But instead, they are home safe with us.

– Reginald in Waldorf, MD