My husband, Micky, and I have been caring for a colony of feral and semi-feral cats that he discovered while on a walk in our neighborhood. In August, we discovered Wink hiding under a rusted out lawn tractor. Then one day she came out with her eyes crusted up. We took her to the vet, got her eyes and respiratory issues addressed and she quickly became my husband’s favorite. Micky became concerned about her last week and we brought her home for a few days. The weather was beautiful on Sunday so we brought Wink outside to the patio with our two dogs and two cats. After a minute or so, our neighbor fired up his ATV, which freaked Wink out and she took off darted off away from the sound of the ATV. Micky took off after her. He lost sight of her in some brush in the back of one of our neighbor’s houses. No Wink. On Monday, we put up posters and fliers. We left clothing out so she could pick up our sent. Micky put cans of food in various spots. Still no Wink. On Wednesday morning, Micky was searching online for other suggestions and came across the Dogs Finding Dogs website. Anne was at our house with Heidi within a few hours ready to find Wink. Anne was thorough in explaining what she and Heidi would be doing and how we could help the search process. We started the search and Heidi kept coming back to one of the sheds in our neighbor’s yard and to an area of dense brush behind another neighbor’s house. Anne suggested we put traps and food trails out then see what happens. She left and told us to call her the next morning with any updates. She loaned us a Hav-A-Heart trap. We borrowed one from a neighbor and bought another at Home Depot. Not even three hours later, Micky went out to check the traps and there was Wink in the one by the brush. Completely scared but in one piece. As I snuggled her, Micky called Anne to let her know Wink was safe at home. We cannot thank you enough. We had planned on finding a home for her. Now, we can’t imagine ever letting her go.