Dogs Finding Dogs wants to send our deepest sympathies to Dr. Barbara and her staff on the sad news that Wisp has passed on to a beautiful field where she can run like the wind and forever be happy. Wisp was one of our biggest accomplishments with bringing her back home. A sweet little Whippet who gave us all a good work out as we tracked her all through the woods and onto horse trails. Below is the story. We will miss Wisp. Her story has been told to so many people and has given inspiration. To Dr. Barbara we love you dearly and are so heartbroken over your loss.

It was my birthday. My 15 year old Whippet went for a nature walk by herself after a gate was mistakenly left open. Wisp, adorned in her pretty blue coat with colored paw prints, disappeared! I looked high and low and walked my large property thru the trees and the trails and could not find her. I am a Vet and one my patients, Heidi, is a search dog for Dogs Finding Dogs. In my plight, I remembered, call on Heidi! Dogs Finding Dogs showed up with two K9’s, Heidi and Lessa. Sniffing Wisps’ footprints led all over the trails on my property. Both dogs worked very hard and eventually this is what led to flushing Wisp out into the open. I directed Anne to take Heidi towards the firebreak. Off they went with Mary and Lessa holding up the rear in case Wisp came out the other side of my property. Within a few minutes I received a phone call from Anne, totally out of breath, saying “Get Outside on the Horse Trail! I got Wisp and she is heading your way! Anne had to send Heidi on a send-away, a command that is taught sending the dog out at a full run. Heidi was sent to catch Wisp who was was ahead of them. Heidi caught up to Wisp, stopped her with a nudge in the nose and turned Wisp around. Then Wisp and Heidi went blasting by Anne and back up into my property. We all ran out to the back and there was Wisp coming up the trail. We scooped her up with such joy and relief! What was the WORST birthday turned out to be the BEST birthday gift! Wisp was back home! Thanks to you and Heidi, Wisp is home and none the worse for her outing. Wish I could say the same for all of us. We sure had our exercise! Thanks to Mary and her girl for coming to our call for help.