Thank you Anne and Heidi for bringing my baby back home. It was the longest six days of my life. She was lost on a Sunday afternoon.  My daughter called me crying that Zoey had gotten away. We had flyers made, put it in the paper, on the internet.  We looked all week. Friday we got a call that this couple had seen her about 25 miles away at a different location. When they called us we couldn’t believe it so far away. We called Anne and she and Heidi came out. Heidi picked up her scent right away. Zoey was all over there; we were so excited. Anne and Heidi looked till it got dark out. Just then Zoey popped up at the house where the anniversary couple had called us. Zoey was scared and wouldn’t come to us–the chase was on with Anne and Heidi at one end and my husband at the other. We got her that night. Thank you so much Anne and Heidi! We weren’t going to give up till we found her and neither were you two. Zoey is happy and healthy back at home with her other sisters and brother. Our big happy family is complete again, thanks to you.